Until seventeen years ago, I had only visited the region of Umbria once. That was in 1970. Then I never expected to make my home there.
In 1999, my wife, Katherine, and I came to live in the green heart of Italy, Umbria. In doing so we have been blessed with its beauty, and the warmth of its people, and their generosity of spirit.
I have been referred to as a ‘Romantic Painter’. What better environment to try and perpetuate that then in the beauty of Umbria. A land of magical light and colour, which changes from season to season and frequently, from hour to hour.’

Featured Works

  • Trasimeno Dawn
    Trasimeno Dawn
  • Summer Gold
    Summer Gold
  • Plum Tree in Bloom
    Plum Tree in Bloom
  • Rust & Rape
    Rust & Rape
  • Summer Harvest
    Summer Harvest
  • Eventide
  • August Light
    August Light
  • Piazza San Francesco
    Piazza San Francesco

Paintings & Drawings

  • Riflessioni Opus I
  • Umbertide sul Tevere
    Umbertide sul Tevere
  • Piazza Filippo Silvestri
    Le Gaite a Bevagna
  • Autumn Pick
    Autumn Paintings
  • Preggio: Sign
    Preggio Drawings
  • Rust & Rape
    Summer Paintings
  • Spring Yellow
    Spring Paintings
  • Rooted
    Tree Drawings
  • Winter Sunset
    Winter Paintings
  • Kitchen with Tomatoes
    Doors & Windows Paintings
  • Afternoon Rain
    Craft Paintings
  • Octagonal Offering
    Sacred Paintings
  • Wind in the Grove
    Tree Paintings