John Littlewood - A Bootstrap Kid

The story of John Littlewood who, from his modest beginnings in a small English city, became a man of success in America and Europe.
He first introduces us to his family, childhood, teenage years and his quest to achieve.
From a chorister with the Royal School of Church Music to a bound apprentice and art student.

Then to a fully committed professional in the challenging fields of advertising, design education and fine art.
A Bootstrap Kid* includes frank reflections on his work in social justice and social service; plus opinions on the past and current state of the world.
It’s about a journey proving that if you believe in yourself ‘YES YOU CAN!’

‘An inspiring story of a life lived to the full.’
– David Bell

‘A fascinating life story spanning much of the world.
A man who climbed to the top of the advertising industry
and still found time to indulge his second passion, music’.
– Anthony Bolton

‘Littlewood’s artwork is a journey of light and colour,
creating what we see, but often cannot describe.
Such qualities shine through in his writing of A Bootstrap Kid.
– Jean Tori


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* ’Bootstrap Kid’ is a colloquialism for a person of modest beginnings who achieves success.