single-quoteArt and music influence each other andspeak to one another.
So do images and atmospheres, which are part of both disciplines.
They are often the inspirational starting points for each form of creative expression.

My winter walks along the banks of the River Tevere arouse in me a passion to look, to listen to the sounds of silence, and to reflect upon them. To appreciate the beauty of their shapes and patterns. They allow me to “hear” sublime music: I hear the majesty of Handel as I float down the River Thames, the virtuosity of Vivaldi’s Mandolin Concerto as I dance in Piazza San Marco. To the strains of the Eroica symphony I give thanks for Beethoven’s inspirational influence on 19th Century classical music. I hear an Elgar serenade and find myself strolling in the Malvern Hills of Worcestershire. And with Bernstein’s music in my ears, I walk the streets of New York! All of this on Umbertide’s banks of the Tevere, where everything is possible – if you dare to dream.

Such are the emotions
that drive my “Riflessioni”.

© John Littlewood, 2014

  • Riflessioni Opus I
    Opus I
  • Riflessioni Opus II
    Opus II
  • Riflessioni Opus III
    Opus III
  • Riflessioni Opus IV
    Opus IV
  • Riflessioni Opus V
    Opus V
  • Riflessioni Opus VI
    Opus VI
  • Riflessioni Opus VII
    Opus VII
  • Riflessioni Opus VIII
    Opus VIII
  • Riflessioni Opus IX
    Opus IX
  • Riflessioni Opus X
    Opus X
  • Riflessioni Opus XI
    Opus XI
  • Riflessioni Opus XII
    Opus XII