The birthplace of the River Tevere is high in the Apennine mountains of Emilia-Romagna. It flows some 400 kilometrs before passing through Roma, and finally into the Tyrrhenian Sea.

On a wide bend midway in its journey south, it kisses the banks of Umbertide; who’s ancient origins date back to the 6th Century BC.
The town, skirted to the west by the Tevere, frequently found itself at the centre of wars and suffered the resulting destruction and sackings.

In 1863, the town’s traditional name of Fratta was replaced by the name Umbertide in honour of the sons of Umberto Ranieri, who rebuilt the city after the destruction caused by the Lombardi invasions of 1790 AD.
This small exhibition of eleven aspects, is intended to honour Umbertide’s Centro Storico, it’s architecture and its life.

I invite you to walk with me through the Palazzo Comune building, built in 1700. Ascend its wide stone staircase to the first floor, and survey the beauty of La sala del Consiglio and La sala della Giunta comunale.
Stroll to La Rocca (1375), a fortress inserted into the walls and Umbertide’s main landmark. And say ‘hello’ to the pigeons who make their homes there.

Take in a play or concert at the Teatro dei Riuniti (1615). Visit and shop at the Wednesday and Saturday morning markets.
Doff your hat to the costumes on show at the annual September Fratta dell’800 Festival. Listen to the rousing music played by the Umbertide Band at their high summer concert.

Then, finally, seek peace and tranquility in the oldest part of the town: Piazza San Francesco, built in the 13th and 14th Centuries.
Welcome to a walk around Umbertide sul Tevere.

© John Littlewood, 2014

  • Umbertide sul Tevere
    Umbertide sul Tevere
  • Piazza San Francesco
    Piazza San Francesco
  • Theatre Open
    Teatro Aperto
  • Sala del Consiglio
    La Sala del Consiglio
  • Sala della Giunta
    La Sala della Giunta
  • The Rocca and Friends
    The Rocca and Friends
  • The Wednesday Market
    Wednesday Market
  • The Saturday Market
    Saturday Market
  • Fanfara - Fanfare
  • Fratta Hats
    Fratta Hats
  • Comune Building
    Comune Building